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We are a COMMUNICATIONS agency engaged in image building and management, and our main focus is press relations. We specialize in GASTRONOMY and everything you would expect to find around the finest restaurant tables – chefs, pastry chefs, restaurants, restaurant owners, bars, cafés, baristas, teas, petit fours, wines, cakes, cupcakes, beverages… In other words, if your business is food and drink – life’s real treasures – then you’ll be right at home with us.

And our agency is exactly that: a home where you can walk right in and make yourself comfortable. We opened for business in 2000, with the intention of extending a warm welcome to our friends – our current clients, and our previous clients who still stop by for a coffee now and again, as well as the myriad of media professionals who have been our partners for so many years now. Our home has always been a hive of activity, a place of incessant comings and goings, ideas and tailor-made projects managed with utmost care and earnestness by a young, dynamic and experienced team that is passionate about what it does. Come on in!