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Today, the people who come by are our CLIENTS with whom we love to work.

Behind these companies there are very important PEOPLE of considerable renown. These include chefs, confectioners, restaurant owners, importers and other professionals in the food industry who are very good at what they do and who we are proud to represent.

We also work with an incredible group of people without which it would be impossible to bring our ideas and projects to fruition: JOURNALISTS, including publishers, reporters, critics, contributors, bloggers, photographers, image editors and all manner of media professionals; the adorable public (those who are already our clients and those we still need to win over).   


Ambar Cervejas Artesanais
Ateliê do Sabor
Chocolate Academy
Dama Confeitaria
Degusta Beer and Food
Dona Deôla
Due Cuochi
Feira Viva
Gelato Boutique
La Casserole
La Peruana
Loup Restaurante
Mara Mello
Mesa Ao Vivo
Mori Ohta Sushi
Prazeres da Mesa
Pomerode Alimentos
SP Coffee Week
Casa Tavares
A Torteria
Ver o Peso